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Noi Thai Cuisine & I Can and I Will Run 2022

Thai iced tea at the sponsor village

We can and we will never stop helping each other

After we heard about the project of I Can and I Will Run 2022 at Green Lake, Seattle, which is a marathon campaign that aims to raise the money for the Uncompensated Care Fund at Seattle Children's Hospital. Noi Thai Cuisine's team was very excited to be part of this campaign. So, we reached out to the I Can and I Will Run staff immediately (Alisa) to tell them that we would love to support the campaign. Since every year, there are many kids and parents suffer from the pain of high medical bills. Therefore, Noi Thai Cuisine extremely agrees with Olivia’s family, and thank you for this incredible fund idea for helping other parents who suffer from medical bills. Even though Noi Thai Cuisine could not make it on time to sign up to be one of the partners sponsors this year; however, we still wanted to support the event. We were at the sponsor village with our water bottles and Thai iced tea to support all the runners and their families and friends who participated in the event. Thank you so much to Alisa and I Can and I Will Run team that allowed Noi Thai Cuisine to be part of this running, and we love to support you all every year! Last but not least, thank you to all runners who came to the run, and we hope you all enjoyed our snacks and the run!!

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