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Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2022

Updated: Sep 14

Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2022

Big Thanks to You All Greenlakers!!

We just received very good news from Nextdoor! Noi Thai Cuisine Green Lake just won an award which is "Nexdoor Neighborhood Favorites "in the Green Lake area. The team at Noi Thai Cuisine staff at the Green Lake want to thank each of our Greenlakers neighbors that voted for us, including all guests that came and supported our restaurant. We take this as a warm welcome from the community. These past four months have been an amazing time for us as a part of the Green Lake community. It is an honor to bring delicate and savory Thai food to the Green Lake neighborhood. We promise that we will keep maintaining the quality of our food and services, and we will never stop serving the best Thai food to spice up the Greenlakers’ lives. Cheers!!

Noi Thai Cuisine - Greenlake

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